Are you in need of a quiet place and time to deepen your work? Perhaps a residency at the tree line is something you’d like to do. Although we no longer live here, we are open to suggestions and expressions of interests from anyone interested and in need of creative refuge.


We feel very lucky to be able to come to this place; mountains, heath, and just the right amount of isolation can be fertile ground for contemplation and creativity.

Having the good fortune of spending extended period of time here, we have been inspired to extend this opportunity to others as well, through a residency program. There is a small cabin a stone’s throw away from the main house, up a path through the birch forest. Over the years, we have made this cabin available for people in need of creative refuge. If you are a writer, artist, researcher, or in some way need the time and space to deepen and develop your work, then perhaps this is for you.


Previous residents have come to stay at the cabin to work on their own (and in some cases together with another colleague) . The cabin is simple, in beautiful surroundings, with a view of the Skarvarna mountains (see pictures and more information below for details). You can spend your days working, hiking, skiing, contemplating – however you wish. Perhaps we spend some evenings and meals together, or go for walks in the area, but mostly the residency is a place for focused work. We’re flexible and would want you to shape the residency into what you need it to be. Residencies have generally lasted somewhere between 4 and 8 days. If you have special requests about staying shorter or longer, we can discuss that.

Previous residents include Doreen Stabinsky, Diego Galafassi, Kevin Anderson, Per Johansson, Isabel Enedahl, Keri Facer, Howard Baker, Aaron Tuckey and Lakin Anderson.


We would love to hear from you. Please write us an email telling us about yourself and why you would like to come. It would be great if you touch on the following questions:

  • Why would you be interested in doing a residency?
  • When would you be interested in coming?
  • What kind of activities would you be doing (writing, painting?), and what materials and spaces would you need? (see information about what we can offer)
  • If possible, we’d like to organize an event or gathering in the village of Funäsdalen. The exact shape of these events is open, but it would likely entail sharing some aspect of your work with a small group of people from the area. Would you be interested in sharing something, and do you have any ideas on how that could be done?






In the Residency cabin there is a work desk and kitchen table. If you are in need of a bigger space to work, you may use a studio that is adjacent to the main house. However, this studio might not be available at all times and can get chilly in winter – so let us know if you’re interested and we can discuss it.


The “Residency Residence” is a small, rustic cabin about 200 yards up through the forest from the main house, simple but suitable for a short getaway (see pics). The cabin has electricity, good cell-phone reception, but no running water. There’s a living room with a small kitchen, and a bedroom. Water is brought in from the brook that runs just beyond the house. The toilet is a simple “freeze” toilet – in other words your poop will be frozen, then carted off to the municipal waste station. You’ll need to bring your own sheets and towel, but otherwise the cabin has everything you need. There are some food supplies, but in general we will ask you to bring your own food. (But these are details that can be discussed!).


We would ask for a small contribution for heating and firewood, and that you bring your own food, but otherwise the residency is free.


Just like our cabin, the Residency cabin is about 1 km from the road. In the winter we ski or snowshoe in, and the rest of the year we walk (using a wonderful cart for transport). The closest village is Funäsdalen, about 8 km from the place we park the car. Walking the kilometer to the road and driving into town takes less than half an hour.


Aim for the village of Funäsdalen and we can pick you up there.

If you are coming from southern Sweden you can either take the Härjedalingen direct bus to Funäsdalen, or combine a train ride to Mora or Ljusdal and then travel the rest of the way by bus.

If you are arriving from northern Sweden you can either aim for the towns of Sveg or Östersund and then take buses from there.

If you are arriving from Norway you will need to aim for the norwegian town of Röros and from there either hitchhike or call us and ask us if we could be so kind as to pick you up.

The following websites may be helpful when planning and booking your travel:
Härjedalingen buses:
Train and bus travel to Funäsdalen with SJ and local buses:
Train travel in Norway: